Hoeveel inwoners heeft Pune?

Hoeveel inwoners heeft Pune?

Poona of Pune is een district van de Indiase staat Maharashtra. Het district telt 7.224.224 inwoners (2001) en heeft een oppervlakte van 15.643 km². De hoofdstad van het district is de gelijknamige metropool Poona.

Hoeveel mensen wonen er in Mumbai?

Welke stad heeft de meeste inwoners?

Stad Inwoneraantal
Shanghai in China 23,4 miljoen inwoners
Mumbai in India 22,8 miljoen inwoners
New York City in de Verenigde Staten 21,4 miljoen inwoners
São Paulo in Brazilië 20,8 miljoen inwoners

Where is the Puna District?

Puna is one of the 9 districts of Hawaii County on the Island of Hawaiʻi (Big Island; County of Hawaiʻi). It is located on the windward side (east side) of the island and shares borders with South Hilo district in the north and Kaʻū district in the west. With a size of just under 320,000 acres (1,300 km 2) or 500 sq. miles.

What are the key facts of Pune?

The district is surrounded by Thane district on the northwest, Raigad district on the west, Satara district on the south, Solapur district on the southeast, and Ahmednagar district on the north and northeast. On the leeward side of the Western Ghats, it extends to the Deccan Plateau on the east. Pune is at an altitude of 559 metres (1,863 feet).

What is the history of Puna?

Kalama’s map of 1837 shows that Puna was a Moku (traditional district) covering the southeastern corner of the island before the great mahele of the Hawaiian Kingdom .

What is the population of Pune in Marathi?

Pune District (Marathi pronunciation: [puɳeː]) is the second most populous district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The district’s population was 9,429,408 in the 2011 census, making it the fourth most populous district amongst India’s 640 districts. This district has an urban population of 58.08 percent of its total.